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Hat Pattern

This is the rough diagram I'm using to knit the hat in a previous post. It's like a puzzle... it probably doesn't make much sense. I'll fill in the details later if people are interested.

It helps if you've worked through the "Parquet Squares" in Sampler Knitting by Barbara Walker. (This title has been reissued by Schoolhouse Press as A Fourth Treasury of Knitting Patterns.) The squares of garter stitch start in the middle of the hat and spiral outward. Every square is knitted onto the previously worked squares. Well, except the first one. For that you can use a provisional cast on, because a later square will attach to the stitches at the base of the first square.

Think of each square as having its own direction, knitting from South to North. Each garter square has a cable working its way from the SE to the NW corner of the square.

Each square's knitting direction is indicated by an arrow. Each square's number indicates where the square starts. In some cases the square starts in its SE corner, and in some cases in its SW corner, in other words, sometimes a square starts on a wrong-side (SW) row or a right-side (SE) row.

There's more to this, obviously! And my method of knitting this kind of thing improves each time I knit these spiral-entrelac-cable thingies. More to come!
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